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    I am a Bankruptcy Lawyer. The filing of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy stops

car and automobile repossession. Also if you are about to lose your home

in a foreclosure sale, I may able to help. Under Ch. 13 of the Bankruptcy

Code  you can make monthly payments

toward  your home mortgage arrearage, and keep your home so long  as

you can continue to make your regular monthly mortgage payments on

your home. Your unsecured creditors, if any, will be paid a percent of

what you owe them.

    All I require to get your Bankruptcy filed is 110 dollars which will

cover the cost of your credit counseling , and credit report.

The court will give you 30 days to pay the remainder of your filing fee.

    The filing of Bankruptcy stops foreclosure actions, wage garnishments,

and lawsuits.

     I am a debt relief agency, I help people file for bankruptcy relief under

the bankruptcy  code.

              If I can be of assistance you may reach me at (270) 789-4902 or my cell

phone which is (270) 403-2299.


               Tim Berry Falls